How To Make Your Camping Food More Awesome (And Impress Your Camp Neighbors)

Friend“Wow! This steak chili dowsed in 7 day old unrefrigerated cheese is delicious! What’s your trick?”

You’ve heard that food tastes better when your camping right?   Well, it’s true.  But, it’s even better if it doesn’t just taste better, it looks better.  Mmmmm. Yea.

Eating is a big part of the camping experience.  So, you should do it right.  Get the good food.  Go all out.  Make it awesome.  Gourmet camping.  Plush camping.  Gucci camping.  Glamorous camping.  It’s like.  Pretty popular these days.

But if you can’t really afford the good stuff, or if you’re just too lazy to make that tasty green curry with vegetables when you could be staring at a campfire instead, then here are a few tricks to make your camping meals better without any effort at all.

Add Random Stuff To Your Oatmeal, You’ll Get It Right, Eventually.



“Well, that Nature Valley Bar was actually a great success. Nice!”

Friend: Is that pocket lint in your oatmeal? 

You: Nah, man.  They’re Fruit Loops.

Instant Oatmeal.   That’s a classic camping staple.  It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s light, it’s cheap.

Wouldn’t that oatmeal  taste better with that hot sauce from last night?

Well.  Maybe.

The first guy who suggested peanut butter and jelly on the same sandwich was definitely an idiot.

Remember, you’re still camping.  So everything tastes good, right?

They Are Not “Hot Dogs”, They Are “Tube steaks.”


Mmmmmmmm.  Steak. 

You: “Hey neighbors, were making tube steaks.  Y’all interested?”

Camp Neighbor: “Wow, how fancy!”

Its semantics really.

But hey, it works.

Plus, those tube steaks look amazing.

 Eggs.  Their Just Like, So Impressive.



Breakfast in Yosemite. Classy.

Unlike instant-oatmeal, eggs are something that people actually pay money to eat.


You know?  Eggs and bacon practically keep Denny’s in business, and that place has been around forever.

Eggs are a camping delicacy, and they’re still cheap.   Most people don’t know that they don’t actually have to be refrigerated either.   Thats just what Americans do because we’re paranoid about that salmonella stuff.

So, you don’t have to bring a cooler, and you can still have a fancy breakfast.

Make Sure To Balance Your Colors, It Will Look Awesome When You Snap A Meal Pic With a Chrome Filter For Instagram.


Wait a minute…. it’s almost like someone planned that…

The crisp brown of the wheat buns and the tube steaks.

The delicate green  of the avocado, and the beer labels.

The calming white of the cheese, and that one corn tortilla.

And that  weird orange spoon thing from REI?

Please. This is worthy of a magazine centerfold.   Your meal could be too!

If You Can’t Bring Fancy Food, At Least You Can Look Good Cooking It.


I caught my friend striking a perfect pose while heating up that water for his tortillas and peanut butter.   Way to go!

I understand.

Sometimes you  just can’t resist the urge to buy tortillas and peanut butter.

It’s cheap, and easy.

Just be sure to strike a pose for your neighbors while you’re cooking, and pretend like your heating something up with your cool backpacker stove.








Well, that pretty much does it.  You’re next camping trip is going to be delicious!


Happy Camping, Friends!



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