How to Weekend Warrior To Graduate School Victory

It’s been three weeks since I’ve done anything cool.  I slept in a parking lot a few days ago so that I could buy some gear in the morning.  That’s  business though.   No cool trips, or adventures that really got me out there in almost a month.   Ouch.

I’ve lived in Northern California for 5 months now.  If there’s anything that I can say, It’s that there is always something to do.  Always somewhere to go.  The open space calls, and it’s everywhere.   It’s slapping me in the face from my downtown window.

My first 3 months of graduate school were excessive.  I like excessive.  Every weekend, something  wild.   I met outdoorsy people doing trailwork my first weekend.  It took off from there.  Boom.  Backpacking.  Mountain biking.  Geology. More backpacking.  Mountains.  So much Mountains, and Yosemite.  So much Yosemite.

When I moved to Northern California, I became  a Weekend Warrior.

Weekend 4: Storms coming.  Gonna be cold and rainy.  Wanna go backpack in a blizzard? DUH.

Weekend 5: Freely acquired campsite in Yosemite.  Early November.  Gonna be cold? DUH.  

The maintainence of Weekend Warriorship is no easy task.  By restricting your weekends to the pursuit of rad things you are required to front load all of your responsibilities for the week into only 4 days.  It’s also beneficial if you don’t work on Fridays.  Fortunately, at some point in the history of the Cal State University system professors and students made a pact to not have class on Fridays.   Halleluyah.

Weekend 6: Another weekend storm.  Wanna find some rain, sleet, hail and snow, all at once?  SURE DO.   Highly-Saturated Backpacking.

In order to maintain a graduate course load and work-load while still being able to gallivant into the mountains every Friday or Thursday evening, I was required to force myself to work overdrive.

By overdrive I mean; efficiency.   You know, that thing that I typically don’t have.

Weekend 1: Wanna get sweaty and get poison oak doing trail work, then camp in a park?  SURE DO.   

I often hear people talk about efficiency and productivity.  They tell me they don’t have enough time.  Well, I think that’s mostly bullshit.   What I see is an abundance of time and a lack of focus.   A lack of psychic energy, of will power.


16th century friar with awesome weekend plans.  


You think we all give 100% while we’re at work all day, everyday?  Yea, right.  Not possible.

Unless, maybe, you have awesome plans that commence on Friday? Cool things that won’t happen unless you get a whole lot of work done.   Walk into a university library the night before finals, and you’ll see people getting shit done.   You’ve written a term paper in 5 hours.  It’s possible.  Sometimes you just have to give yourself some outdoor motivation.

Being a Weekend Warriorship demands focus.

For me, 3 weeks ago, it all stopped.   I spent a weekend recuperating, and now its been too long.  My weekdays have slowed.  My pace has slowed.  I’m not as efficient as I could be.   I have trouble forcing myself to focus.  That’s why I have written to you today, as the clock crawls past 1am.

Here I am.  Writing to you.  I’m tired of pawning work off onto my weekend.


Let’s all be Weekend Warriors.







-OOLIN | Old Dingy Victorian House, San Jose, CA