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Is graduation impending, and do you want to do something awesome?  Cool. This is where I compiled some resources to help you get out there!  You’re always welcome to contact me with questions!

“You’re doing it right. Taking a year off to travel like this.  IT should be normal to take some time to figure things out before jumping into life madness.”   – Wisdom from a fellow Pilgrim I met while walking on the Camino De Santiago

Teaching English Abroad

This is what I did.  It’s the easiest was for a native English speaker to get employed in all sorts of exotic places.  You will be employed as an ESL teacher.  That’s “English as A Second Language.”.  There are numerous ways for you to get certified as a teacher.  They range from $120- $2500 dollars, last I checked.  Having a certification is beneficial, but not necessary.

RULE #1: Do not pay to teach abroad.  Many programs will try to charge you, they are often functioning as middlemen for the actual programs that are looking  for teachers.   Find the real clients and get paid to teach, instead of paying.  Below are a few links to some programs, and other resources.

Dave’s ESL Cafe – This is a site with extensive resources to help you as both an ESL Teacher or a student. Dave maintains very active job board  for various regions like china, Asia, and more.  You can also post your resume.  Check it out!

Auxiliares de Conversación- Spain –  This is the hub website for the program to teach English in Spain.  This is what I, and many of my friends did.  An interesting program with pro’s and con’s of its own.  You get sent to a random city/village in Spain and its GREAT teaching experience.  Ask me about it if you like!

Auxiliares de Conversación – France – This is the hub website  for the French program to be a English conversation teaching in a school in France.  I met a girl who did this once.  She was pretty happy with it.  It’s much like the program I did in Spain, but its in France!

HESS Education Group (Thailand, Singapore, China) – This is a program that can have you teaching in Taiwan, Singapore, China, and Thailand.  I have not done it, but I haven’t heard anything bad about it.  I applied once and they were very quick to respond, asking for a phone interview.  So, it seems very legitimate, and a great way to get you to Southeast Asia!

The JET Program (Japan) – This is a link to the JET website.  I have one friend who has told me about the program.  It is particularly noteworthy because I believe that they pay very well.  IT is also more competitive than other programs.

Young Adventuress – This is travel blog for a girl named Liz.  She has a lot of information about teaching abroad.  Particularly about teaching in Spain. Lots of good information!

Travel With the Peace Corps

I haven’t done it, but I have discuss the experience with a few people who have.  I’d be happy to get you in contact with. Peace Corps veteran.  Just let me know if your interested.

The Peace Corps. -This is a link to their main webpage.  They have programs all over the world.  The application is hefty and involves and interview bt if you get accepted you have 27 months of adventure ahead of you! Plus, you get priority hiring for federal jobs as a Peace Corps Veteran. Nice!

Apply for a Fullbright Scholarship – Awesome! They give scholarship for student and recent graduates to gain experience abroad.  Many of them involve research projects in a specific area of expertise, but I know that you can also get a scholarship to do cool things like art projects.

Buy a Backpack, and Just Go.

It will work out, I promise.  Don’t let fear hold you back.  Below are some resources from yours truly to help get you on your feet!

A Solo Traveler’s Guide To Riding The Struggle Bus (And Dealing With Loneliness)

A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Great Conversations with Anyone

How To Stay Connected With Your Friends When They’re Freaking Everywhere

Why Don’t You just Walk Forever On The Camino de Santiago?

The Law of Self-Applied Resistance

Resources for Taking a Gap Year

Want to take a break fro school for a bit and throw yourself out there?  I wish I would have thought of that.  Follow the resources below!

TeenLife  –  This is a great website that functions as a search engine for gap year programs.    they help you to narrow down your search by offer links to program websites by country.  They can do a better job than I can!

More Resources – A great site with lots of resources, and job boards to help get you out there!

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