“Because We Sometimes Forget That Life Is Awesome…”

OOLINS WORLD (n): A multi-dimensional digital space (hmm…) where this one guy, Oolin (that’s me), tries his best to squeeze his personality into jumbles of words and pictures and project awesome-ness out into the universe (i.e. through your eyes and ears) in order to vanquish boredom (yours, and mine) and for the benefit of himself (because being creative feels good) and others (that’s you! woo!).

It’s open to everyone.  Come back every Monday (or so..) for the most recent articles, travel writing, life observations, gear reviews, strange philosophical ruminations and/or other weirdness.  Leave a comment maybe, or tell your friends about it, or just be like “Whooaaaaaaaaaaa! Life is cool!“.

All the photos are my own, mostly because I have close to 8,000 photos on my laptop that are just begging for attention, and a way for me to somehow make them relevant!  Who knew that photo that I took of those people spiraled out sleeping on the ground in the airport would one day be useful?  

Your Friendly Neighborhood Thinker:Who will you inspire today?”


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Anza-Borrego Desert, CA

Hey there! I’m Oolin!  I like rocks (no really, I study them), my spirit animal is a golden retriever,  I talk to myself a lot, I listen to french lessons on spotify (but don’t understand anything), I drink coffee and have wild conversations at cafes, and I like to do pretty much anything that would be considered an outdoor activity.  Nice! 

<– Refer to ‘very professional selfy’ for a mental picture of the weird guy that writes this crap.

Recently published my bucket list.  Check it out!